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Ewa Switch Ewa Switch Ewa Switch

Wi-Fi Smart Switch that helps you control and monitor your home. Designed and loved in Sweden.

Always delivered in a beautiful Ewa box.

Free shipping worldwide. 

Delivery within 3-7 working days.

Free 30 day returns. Read more here

No hub required! Works directly with your 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi.

What is it?

The Ewa Switch is not just a traditional tech product, it's so much more. It is beautiful on the outside and really intelligent on the inside. The remote controlled smart switch helps to make your everyday life easier and provides peace of mind.  

How to get started?

You download the Ewa Home app from AppStore or GooglePlay and follow the easy setup instructions in the app.

When the Ewa Switch is installed, you can control and monitor any electrical appliance from your smartphone. 


Calming, Peace of Mind, Stress Relief and Smart Living


FORM# 2018 award from Crafts and Industry, Germany

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