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As seniors get older it is normal for family members and good friends to get increasingly worried about their wellbeing.

Ewa Home is excited to present a very easy-to-use service, which connect friends or the extended family over distance and time in order to detect “abnormal” or "lack of" activity. With ”Life at Home”, you create a 24/7 presence at home or in the home of your loved one, no matter where you are in the world. Unrest, worry and uncertainty is replaced with peace of mind and improved safety. 

Key features in the app:


This is how it works

You decide on 1-3 daily routines that you wish to track with the free “Life at Home” Service. Most people make tea or coffee each morning, watch TV during the day, use a bed lamp at night. After you have decided on which activity and appliance to track you simply connect the Ewa Switch to the device.

From that moment on “Life at Home” starts to track when the device is on and off. It even tells you what the temperature is in the room. At any point in time and from anywhere you can quickly check the information in the Ewa Home App. Knowing, provides great peace of mind.

However, by also adding a few easy-to-set smart living rules you turn "Life at Home" into a very useful safety service providing you with 24/7 tracking. Below just a few examples of rules you can ask “Life at home” to track:

  1. Notify me if the coffee machine is not turned on before 9am every day
  2. Notify me if the television is not turned on during the evening
  3. Notify me if the bed lamp is not turned on during the evening or morning
  4. Notify me if the temperature in the room is too high or too low
  5. Notify me if some device suddenly stops using power

With 1-3 rules in place you are sure to be notified by email and/or push message as soon as something is not right. With just a few easy steps you can rest assured that  if you do not hear anything from "Life at Home" all should be ok! No news is good news.

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