Ewa Home


Remote control: Control your Ewa Switches from anywhere by using your phone. No matter where you are, you always know what is going on at home.

On/Off: Turn your favorite appliances on/off from your phone, whenever and wherever.

Dimmer: The Ewa Switch comes with a build-in dimmer, which allows you to dim any dimmable light source to your preferred intensity.

Timers: Make timers and schedules directly in the app. Live smarter with a range of automated timers to help make your everyday life simpler to manage

Notifications: Peace of mind! Receive email or push messages whenever something important happens to your devices.

Power consumption: Keep track of the power consumption and see how much power your device is using.

Temperature: Follow your room temperature to make sure it’s just right.  Set notifications and automatically start your heater.

Graphs: Use the amazing graphs to tracks your power consumption and room temperature over time. 

Add other people: Invite family members/friends/co-workers for free and share your rooms so that you can control them separately from your own phone.

Cost calculator: Fill in your kwh price (see your electricity bill) and track your monthly electricity cost. 

Timeline: See what devices is turned on or off and when. You can also see a list of your recent notification.