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Living Smart with the Ewa Switch. What can Ewa do?

Ewa Switch

Once you have started using the Ewa Switch, it's hard to live without it.

It can simplify many things in a home. It's quality of life to be able to turn on the coffee maker from your bed with a simple click in the mobile phone. It's a nice sense of security to know that the freezer in the country home is not broken. When I'm on vacation, it's nice to be able to control lamps at home in the windows to prevent burglary. These are statements we hear from our users.

Product Information about the Ewa Switch

On/Off: Control your electronic devices from anywhere

Dimmer: Comes with a built-in dimmer.

Timers: Set timers to schedule your electronics to simplify your everyday life.

Notifications: Receive notifications via email or push messages when something important happens.

Energy consumption: Follow how much energy your electronics consume.

Temperature: Track the temperature in your home. If you connect a heater or air conditioner you can make sure the temperature is always right.

Family Sharing: Invite family members / friends / colleagues for free.

Cost calculation: Fill in your kWh cost (from your electricity bill) and calculate the monthly cost.

Life at home: See which devices have been active over the last 24 hours.

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