Ewa Home

Solving that temperature issue

Did you know that the Ewa have a temperature sensor inside, below that glossy white round body? That means that it knows the temperature in the room where you have put it. Always.

1. See the temperature in real-time and have your own digital thermometer that helps to keep an eye on the indoor climate. You can follow it in the Ewa Home App, at home and remotely. 

2. Track the room temperature and see how it behaves on a graph. Great if you have temperature trouble at home or at the office.

3. Get a push notification & email if the room is too cold or warm. Then you can decide what to do. Great to have if you want to know what happens in the room, even when you are not there.

4. Turn on the heater/cooler automatically. You can decide if you want the Ewa to do it automatically for you or if you want to do it manually. Fantastic to come to a vacation house that is just the right temperature.